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Porthcurno in Cornwall, what to see and how to get there

Porthcurno in Cornwall

Today we go all the way to a place called Porthcurno in Cornwall which is located not far from Land’s End, and really you can not go much further west of here without having to swim. A  much recommended place,if you can make the long trip. From Land’s End and Penzance you can get here by walking along the path above the cliffs or  simply take the bus.

Photo: © Copyright Gordon McKinlay and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

porthcurno in CornwallOne reason why a small village like Porthcurno became famous was the fact that here  start (or end, depending on the point of view) e the telegraph wires that reach North America and India. The place was chosen because it was small and in an area with not many ships, which could cut the cables. These days you can visit the  telegraph museum  to find out more.

Photo: © Copyright Sarah Charlesworth and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

You should not think, however, that Porthcurno in Cornwall is of interest only to telecommunications enthusiasts,  the cliffs are considered to be  of exceptional natural area or beauty AONB. The beach and the cliffs of this area are considered among the 10 most beautiful bays in the world.

The beach is famous for its white sand, if you find the normal beach too boring, there is also another one called Green Bay beach that can only be reached at low tide. Another called Pedn Vounder, which exists only when the tide allows it, one of the few nudist beaches in Cornwall. The tides here are quite dramatic, so be careful.

About 30 minutes by road from Porthcurno to Treen, along a path that was once used for horses and mules, you will arrive at Logan Rock which is a huge mass of 80 tons that is in a precarious balanced position over the cliff.

in the past the rock could swing it with a little pressure, but in 1824 a group of British sailors brought the stone to the ground. Locals, angry because the Logan Rock was a tourist attraction even then, they made them put it back on its original place.  Unfortunately it has not swung since. 

If you are at Porthcurno in Cornwall  you must go to the very famous Minack Theatre , an outdoor theatre in a spectacular location. If you can not go look, at least look at this webcam. You can see how the weather changes quickly in these parts of the world, we are practically in the Atlantic Ocean.

How to get to Porthcurno in Cornwall

It is relatively straightforward to reach Porthcurno even by train or coach. You have to reach Plymouth first which is on the mainline to London. In Penzance there is another train that will take you to Land’s End. Here you can find a bus called Atlantic Coaster A1 which in about half an hour will take you to Porthcurno.

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