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5 Instagram Facts You Need To Know About Running an Online Business



Instagram is a super popular app that allows you to share your pictures and get followers. But if you’re running an online business, chances are Instagram isn’t the only place you need to be. In fact, there are several other social media platforms out there that you should consider using as well. Here are five facts about running an online business on Instagram that every entrepreneur should know:

1) The more interaction you get the more your posts will be seen. This is the main point to understand when using Instagram. Like Facebook it is run by an algorithm, but some say that it’s more complicated than Facebook’s. Instagram looks at how many times your post is liked, how many times your post is commented on and how many people will engage with it. If you get a lot of interaction from your followers, they will see it and more people will comment on it.

2) You have no control over the amount of followers that you have. Some try at the beginning to follow people hoping to get followed back.  It is quite labour intensive to do that but it can be worth it if you do it properly. There is no point in following random accounts, follow accounts of people who are interested in topics similar to what you are offering and are based within your geographical range. You can follow people who follow a specific hashtag for instance, but not everyone will follow you back.  

3) Having a lot of followers on Instagram can help you earn money or make your business grow faster than if you just had a few. But you have to gain trust, you will have to post high quality content from the start and then let your followers to promote for you. Instagram has a lot of different hashtags. If you have a product, hashtag it with #ad or #sponsored. If you are looking for people who are interested in your niche, use the right hashtags. You can use Instagram to advertise your business or products all over the world.

4) Above all try to have fun and be creative, try to communicate passion and integrity, people will like that. Be consistent with your images, try to find a style and stick with it, be strategic with you hashtags and consistent in posting. If you decide to post once a day, post once a day, your followers will expect you to post. 

5) Check your statistics to see which is working best. Consider that demographics are important, so pay attention to who you are targeting. This sounds tricky, but if you post about things that people care about, they will pay attention to your posts and you will get more followers


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