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A present for the Big kid in your life?



Men will be men…or boys! It seems that they will always enjoy Lego no matter their age or profession to the point that ,in my opinion , Lego has brought out kits designed especially with adults in mind, ignore the 11 plus age suggestion!

Many men have a favourite vehicle they dream to own and in my husbands case he had sold his many years before but lamented its loss deeply. The land rover defender.

I debated long and hard about buying this set for my husband however I am so pleased I did. He was thrilled with it and enjoyed building it , even setting up the camcorder and microphone in the spare room to record himself building it for you tube tutorial! Unfortunately after many hours building the intricate bits together he realised he had forgotten to insert the memory card, but the intention was there!

The box itself reveals  some of the 4×4’s clever details. There are 2573 pieces and the model number – ‘42110’ – is also quite clever: ‘42’ is in reference to its length in centimetres (it’s also 22cm tall and 20cm wide) and ‘110’ is naturally a nod to the five-door size real-life Defender. It’s a complicated build , be careful  to make sure that you make no mistakes its a lengthy process and difficult to rectify!

The doors open to reveal an impressive level of detail inside the cab, and on the inside of the door. The steering wheel is functional, and steering control is replicated on the roof via a gear.The bonnet can be lifted to view the engine and operate the winch.The car itself has plenty of clever details. The doors, bonnet and tailgate all open, and there are five seats inside, and there’s an Adventure Pack-style roof rack with ladders, traction mats and a storage box and a working winch.

The huge thick instruction manuals is a work of genius and illustrated in minute detail, I am sure it would enable an 11 year old to build but my 49 year old husband managed with only a few mishaps along the way!

The details really are impressive even to me, and I was regaled with the progress so far and many pictures and updates as he  progressed through the build. The finished article is admired greatly and brought many hours of joy to my ‘ big kid’. If you have a significant other in your life who yearns for a toy this will not disappoint! 

42110 Land Rover Defender can be ordered now from for £159.99

I'm a slightly deranged middle aged widow, living in the Cotswolds with two fabulously funny little dogs. A mother, grandmother, sister and friend. Determined to survive by writing to remember, to forget and to cope with grief. the memory of my husband supporting me, guiding me and probably laughing at me if there is a ‘somewhere’

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The Oldest Song in the World that can be played



This is the oldest piece of music that can be reconstructed and therefore played is the Hurrian Hymn no 6. It was found in the Royal Place of Ugarit which is found in modern Syria but those days was in Canaan.  This piece of music is about 3400 years old. It was only discovered in the 1950s with other  five tablets containing instructions to play music but unfortunately the others were too ruined to be able to be deciphered. 

The song was meant to be played with a lyre, it also had lyrics but only some of them can be read. It appears to be a prayer to Nikal the Goddess of Orchards. It was written in the Hurian language. 

The instructions for another song were also found, this would be even older going back about 4000 years but there are only fragments and it’s impossible to play it. 

Watch  the Hurrian Hymn no 6

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What is the Kindle Challenge and how to take part in it?



kindle challenge

The Kindle Challenge is a new initiative by Amazon to encourage people to buy and read Kindle books, it’s an interesting concept that Kobo started years ago but then abandoned. 

Basically every month there will be some challenges and you will need to take part and complete them to gain badges. You can also earn credits to buy Kindle Books.  The challenges so far has been easy like reading a book, buying a book or subscribing to Kindle Unlimited. 

There is obviously a large marketing element but the Kindle Challenge can be fun for users by gamifying the experience users can be motivated to read more. 

How do I take part in the Kindle Challenge?

So far it is at a kind of pilot stage and you must have an invitation, there will be more invites sent in the next few months. Sadly you must live in the United States to take part for the time being. The Challenge might be extended to other countries in future, although there are no details yet. 

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The Unlimited festival is available online for free



The Unlimited festival at Southbank  has always brought ambitious creative projects by disabled artists to new audiences, this year is almost all online and almost all free. It makes sense that a festival of disabled artists should be accessible and the pandemic has in fact made this festival very accessible to all, being online. This year, the 5-day festival features 33 online events.

Among the things to watch we can suggest Augmented, a theatrical show created by Sophie Wooley who became deaf when she was young and has started hearing again. 111 presents a dance performance by a disabled couple while Here/Not Here combines BSL with hip hop. 

In addition to this, you will also find children’s events, discussions and an outdoor exhibition at Southbank. You can see the entire calendar with the 33 events here.

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