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Chances in Life – pure Chance and/ or Synchronicity?



It is undeniable that what happens in life, depends to a certain extent on chance. The very country you are born in is a matter of chance and may determine the opportunities open to you. Progression in a career may be altered for good or ill, by meeting someone, who can change the course of your life.
Finding a life partner may depend on a chance meeting,  by attending a last minute event, or going on a ” blind date”. So much may depend on being “in the right place at the right time”. Once the chance is there, a decision has to be made. People may sometimes wonder what would have happened if they had chosen a different path, with or without the element of chance?
 Someone once said to me that “If” is a very big word! May be one looks back with pleasure and satisfaction at the course taken, or with regret for a missed chance. Luck is a synonym for chance and so it is usual to wish someone “Good Luck” before a major life event or opportunity. Whatever the resources  of health of education, an element of chance or luck is undoubtedly a factor in the course of life.
Taking the idea of chance to another level, Jung introduced the concept of Synchronicity, which is defined as ” meaningful coincidences of two or more events, where something other than the probability of chance is involved”  People may experience an epiphany, a sudden revelation or  realisation of the essential meaning of something. This experience may be mysterious or awe inspiring, arousing spiritual or religious emotion. Such an experience is referred to as “Numinosity”
 An experience such as this, may extend to a belief in the Numinous, a deity or spirit, presiding over time and space. New Age practices have involved asking the Universe for something, which indicates a belief by some people outside of organised religions, that there is something  out there! In the end we all have to take our chances.

In the nineteen sixties I worked in London stores. Worked as an Insurance Clerk in the City of London during the nineteen seventies. Divorced in the nineteen nineties. Now I am a retired Civil Servant, managing home and garden and escaping onto social media whenever possible.

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