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Derren Brown -Showman



 Today I received an email announcing that the cancelled ( because of Covid) tour by Derren Brown has been rearranged yet again but that my tickets will be all set to go in August! To say myself and my daughter ( His number one fan, don’t they all say that?) are excited doesn’t begin to describe it!

We first became followers of the amazing Mr Brown years ago and marvelled at his TV programmes. Eventually we managed to go and see him in Oxford and what a night that was! We were enraptured and mystified and totally caught up in the magic of it all. I don’t care that Derren himself says , “I am always honest about my dishonesty.” For me it is not a trick it is Magic! At the end of the show we waited like eager groupies at the backstage door with many others, and eventually Derren came out and was so kind, polite and completely charming I forgave my daughter the long cold and dreary wait and happily took snaps of her as she sidled up to her hero. She is sure that one day he will propose to her, I’m afraid that we all know that’s never going to happen but if you see the happiness in her face in the pic you will just accept common sense isn’t going to win this argument.

His shows both stage and TV are astounding and he never fails to entertain with his complete air of showmanship and presence. A master of psychological illusion the term mentalist doesnt seem to do him justice.

I would hate to ever give anything away about the shows because simply being part of the audience at home or in the theatre is simply an experience you can’t explain. At the end you simply ask how? It’s amusing and sheer fun to be so befuddled and duped by him! He is smart, enigmatic, dapper and charismatic holding the audience in rapture from start to finish.

My daughter found herself on stage at one show and I have to say the level of audience participation makes it a delight for those prepared to be ‘hypnotised’ or manipulated into telling their darkest secrets and thoughts!

If you manage to go to one show this year and like the idea of a little magic in the darkness that overtook the world with Covid then go to see Derren Brown… Have fun be amazed and remember what the wonderful Roald Dahl told us…Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

All I can reveal at this point is that the show will ultimately be about you, the audience member, because that’s what I find most interesting. There are places I’d like to take you where we haven’t been before. I always aim to have it deliver more than you’d expect. I’m excited to be at the starting point of that process. Getting it on the road will be my favourite part of the year.”

– Derren

I'm a slightly deranged middle aged widow, living in the Cotswolds with two fabulously funny little dogs. A mother, grandmother, sister and friend. Determined to survive by writing to remember, to forget and to cope with grief. the memory of my husband supporting me, guiding me and probably laughing at me if there is a ‘somewhere’

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A virtual visit with augmented reality to the Met in New York



Get your mobile and visit this website to experience something quite special, even if stuck at home.  This is not your typical virtual exhibition but an example of what happens when technology meets art. 

The project is called The Met Unframed and will take you across a series of digital galleries with works of art coming to live with augmented reality. There are 12 digital galleries and over 40 works of art all from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 


You will works by contemporary artists but also a Chinese mural that is over 700 years old and the Egyptian Temple of Dendur.  There are also games and interactive experiences that are also meant to teach you more about art while you are having fun. 

The experience is free online but only for a month, therefore don’t waste any time and go and try it. 

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The Martian Sculpture in Woking Town Centre



Designed by sculptor Michael Condron and opened in 1998 by Carol Vorderman, the sculpture stands seven metres high. It is situated at one end of Crown Square in Woking Town Centre. 
The “War of the Worlds” was mainly written while H.G Wells was living in Woking. He made Horsell Common, on the edge of the town, the landing site for his Martian invasion force. 
 Wells describes the Martians making use of their tripods, to travel around the Common.  In the Woking sculpture, tentacles protruding from the vehicle’s opening can be seen!  Fortunately, the sculpture is static! 
A few metres along the pavement lies the cylindrical pod, depicting the craft in which the Martians landed in Woking.  Patterned paving slabs represent the bacteria which ultimately destroyed the Martian invaders. 
The installation in 1998 marks the first publication of “War of the Worlds” in 1898 and confirms the town’s connection to H. G Wells.
This excerpt from the book describes the Martians progress on landing on Horsell Common.
Photo: © Copyright Colin Smith and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

“And this Thing I saw! How can I describe it? A monstrous tripod, higher than many houses, striding over the young pine trees, and smashing them aside in its career; a walking engine of glittering metal, striding now across the heather; articulate ropes of steel dangling from it, and the clattering tumult of its passage mingling with the riot of the thunder. A flash, and it came out vividly, heeling over one way with two feet in the air, to vanish and reappear almost instantly as it seemed, with the next flash, a hundred yards nearer. Can you imagine a milking stool tilted and bowled violently along the ground? That was the impression those instant flashes gave. But instead of a milking stool imagine it a great body of machinery on a tripod stand… Seen nearer, the Thing was incredibly strange, for it was no mere insensate machine driving on its way. Machine it was, with a ringing metallic pace, and long, flexible, glittering tentacles (one of which gripped a young pine tree) swinging and rattling about its strange body. It picked its road as it went striding along, and the brazen hood that surmounted it moved to and fro with the inevitable suggestion of a head looking about. Behind the main body was a huge mass of white metal like a gigantic fisherman’s basket, and puffs of green smoke squirted out from the joints of the limbs as the monster swept by me.”

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Who switches from Facebook to MeWe? Apparently many do…



MeWe has been around for quite some time, since 2012 to be precise but lately it is the most downloaded app on iOs in the United States. Which means that many are trying it.

But what is MeWe? Practically a rival of Facebook but which unlike Facebook has no advertising, does not use algorithms and users have complete control of privacy and content.

The MeWe platform also includes many common features on Facebook, such as sharing content, chats, video calls and groups, so the company counts on its uniqueness to persuade users, but at the same time, without sacrificing features that users are used to.

There are optional features like the ability to have more additional space, unlimited calling, and custom themes that are paid for. The platform also has versions in different languages. 

Would you try in 2021?

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