Two thieves stole wine worth over £1 million in Spain

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Two thieves stole 45 bottles of wine, including an extremely rare 215-year-old bottle valued at 350,000 euros , from a collection at an upscale hotel and restaurant complex in southwestern Spain, the owner said Friday.

It is a complex that includes a two-star Michelin restaurant and a hotel in the city of Cáceres.

The suspects are a man and woman who spoke English and gave staff the impression of being a refined couple.They checked into the hotel and dined at the restaurant. They then asked a front desk clerk to serve them more food, and when he went to the kitchen, the man slipped into the cellar and stole the bottles.

The couple checked out early on Wednesday morning, paying with a credit card and carrying bags full of bottles.

They stole several bottles of wine, including valuable 1806 Chateau d’Yquem and at least six other 19th-century bottles.The value is hard to calculate but it’s probably more than a million euros. It looks like the couple was working for a private wine collector because they only took away very valuable bottles, but that they cannot be sold on the open market.

It’s amazing that a few bottles of wine can fetch so much money, it’s also hard to understand what one can do with that wine, it’s hard to think of any occasion that justify opening a £300 k bottle of wine, and also would drink wine that was bottled when Napoleon was still alive?

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