El Burgo de Osma in Spain, a charming place that not many people know

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A relatively little known place in the Castilla y León area is El Burgo de Osma in Spain. This is not an unimportant place, although now it has only 5000 inhabitants it had its own university and still  has a cathedral. Reminiscent of Wells in Somerset, a small town now with a huge cathedral.

The cathedral was originally built in 1100. It was a Gothic cathedral but over the centuries it has evolved towards the Baroque. But in addition to the interesting architecture it is full of treasures starting from the altar and its altarpiece from the 1500s and the Beato de Osma, a precious codex from 1000 exhibited in the main chapel.

If you come here also visit the beautiful cloister which has a Romanesque touch. There isn’t much else to see but the place has a certain charm. From the walls to the beautiful riverside and the streets with colonnades and houses that seem to stand up by some kind of miracle.

Not far from El Burgo de Osma there are beautiful castles and several charming villages. This could be a base for exploring the area at your own pace. For example, you can visit the castle of Berlanga de Duero or the villages of Rello or Caracena.

This village has just over ten inhabitants and is located along the river with stone and terracotta houses. Although just a few people live there, the village has two churches. Both are Romanesque and from 1100.

Less than a km away you will also find a hermitage from the 1600s called Ermita de La Virgen del Monte and above the hill you will see a castle and from here you will have excellent views. Caracena Castle is located about 25 km from El Burgo de Osma but you will need to have your own vehicle to get there.

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