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Bon Iver – Manchester



Bon Iver

Date(s) - 27/10/2021
6:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Manchester Arena


Over 14s only in standing area.

Get tickets for this event on: TicketMaster. Over 14s only in standing area.

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Grammar – The Fronted Adverbial



Michael Rosen has written an article in the Guardian 23 January 2021, asking the Minister for Education, Gavin Williamson if he could tell parents  what a fronted adverbial is? The article has led to an outcry of support on Twitter from parents, many of whom are professional writers, who are outraged by the primary school grammar curriculum, introduced by Michael Gove. They say that this prescriptive form of writing is inappropriate for teaching primary schoolchildren, and is stultifying creativity. 
Even a letter to Santa Claus comes with a full set of instructions for its composition! 
Many parents have become fully aware of these requirements through home schooling their children, during lockdowns in the pandemic. Forced to consult Google themselves to find answers to assist their children, they say that their children’s work has been criticised for not using enough examples of prepositions, relative clauses and of course, fronted adverbials. The ability to use the subjunctive  is also required and punctuation is criticised.
In case you are wondering, what is a fronted adverbial, it is a word that goes at the start of a sentence and denotes the action following it. Everybody clear on that?
The primary school grammar curriculum could be said to be an example of the Government taking the proverbial .

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Exeter Cathedral; interesting things you can see



In England there is certainly no shortage of cathedrals, some splendid. Among the most beautiful are undoubtedly the Cathedral of Exeter or St. Peter’s Cathedral, which is located in a place of prayer that is over 1500 years old. The current cathedral, however, dates back to around 1100 after the arrival of the Normans, although now of that date we have practically only the two towers.

Another part of the cathedral dates back to 1270 when Exeter Cathedral was refurbished in a typically English Gothic. The cathedral was unfortunately hit by a German bomb in 1942, St James’s chapel was completely destroyed along with several medieval objects, some of which have been rebuilt piece by piece.

Fortunately some important historical artifacts had been taken away, in fact an attack on the cathedral had been foreseen, probably all these churches and cathedrals were hit in an attempt to demoralise the people.

What can you see at Exeter Cathedral?

You can still see the 50 mercies or genuflexors which are small shelves leaning against the wall that supported those who had to stand a long time to pray. These date back to the 1200s and are the oldest complete group in the UK. Also in this group is the figure of an elephant, the oldest in the United Kingdom.

There is the famous astronomical clock which dates back to 1484, the ancient library which dates back to 1100 and the gallery with 12 statues of angels playing different instruments.

The towers also have bells, the north tower contains a bell called Peter which however is no longer rung completely and the south tower has 12 bells which are among the heaviest in the world.

When you are at the cathedral you can be taken to the top of the roof and the North Tower, you have to climb 251 steps so you have to be fit but the views are spectacular. You must book in advance and here you will find the instructions.

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Edinburgh the happiest city in the UK



A Smart Survey survey revealed that the happiest city in the UK is Edinburgh. The reasons are the quality of life, the high salaries, the average working hours per week and the beauty of the city.

Two seaside towns follow in second and third place: Bournemouth and Brighton.

In fourth place we find Southend and in fifth Bristol. Followed by Colchester and then Glasgow in eighth place.

In ninth place we have both Liverpool and Manchester and in tenth Milton Keynes.

London is in thirteenth place, takes points for the average high salaries but loses some for the many hours of average work per week.

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