Famous actors born in London

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London is a large city and as such has produced many famous and talented people over the years  Among the many famous people in London, there are also actors. Many of these have made careers in the United States, particularly in Hollywood and it is often forgotten that they are actually Londoners.

There are many British actors especially if you include those who mainly work in the theatre, but here we want to remember actors who were born in London and have become  very famous in cinema and television.
If you look at the list you will also see how much London has been a multicultural metropolis for time , many of these actors come from families with different and disparate origins.

Let’s see some famous actors born in London

Charlie Chaplin , famous English actor, was born in 1600, the precise data of lla his birth but seems to have been born on East Street (that of the market) which is now in Southwark. His mother was of Roma origin.

Boris Karloff was born at100 Forest Hill Road in Camberwell on 23 November 1887. His full and true name was much more ordinary, in fact he was called William Henry Pratt

David Niven was born in Belgravia in 1910, himself always claimed to be born in Scotland but the birth certificate probably doesn’t lie

In 1903 was born in Eltham, Bob Hope who, even though he had all his success in the United States and his origins are often forgotten, had an English mother and a Welsh father. He also lived 100 years and a few months.

The well-known theatre and film actress Helen Mirren was born in Hammersmith in 1945 from an English mother and a Russian father.

Alec Guinness was born in Maida Vale in 1914, never knew the identity of the father

Hammersmith has two hospitals (Hammersmith and Charing Cross) you can’t be surprised if so many are born there. Another one born in Hammersmith is in fact Hugh Grant who came into the world in 1960

Idris Elba was born in Newham to a father from Sierra Leone and mother from Ghana

And again in Hammersmith in 1967 was also born Sacha Baron Cohen from parents of Jewish origin

Roger Moore , the famous James Bond, was born in 1927 in Lambeth, to be precise in the Stockwell area

Angela Lansbury was born near Regent’s Park in 1914 in a family of politicians, grandfather George was one of the founders of the Labor Party. Her mother was an Irish actress.

Another important maternity ward in London is St Mary’s in London,  in 1953 the actor Alfred Molina was born there from an Italian mother and a Spanish father

Nel 1986 was born in Barnes Robert Pattinson, one of the many actors born in London

Carey Mulligan was born in Westminster in 1985 from a Welsh mother and father of Irish descent

In 1904 was born in South Kensington John Gielgud, one of Shakespeare’s greatest actors of all times. The father was of Lithuanian and Polish descent.

Tilda Swinton was born in London in 1960 from an Australian mother and father of Scottish descent

Tim Roth was born in Dulwich in 1959 although often exchanged for an American actor for his ability to do North American accents. In fact, the father was an Irish immigrant born in the United States.

In 1933 in Wimbledon was born Oliver Reed , his father was a sports journalist and uncle the well-known director Sir Carol Reed.

Emma Thompson was also born in Paddington in 1959 from a Scottish mother (also an actress) and an English father who was an actor and voice actor.

Elizabeth Taylor was born in Hampstead in 1927 from US parents, both were from Kansas but had lived in London since 1929. They returned to the United States in 1939 to avoid World War II.

Vanessa Redgrave was born in Greenwich in 1937 in a well-known family of actors

Daniel Radcliffe, the Harry Potter’s actor , was born in 1989 in Fulham (could be Hammersmith) by Irish-born father and Jewish-born mother.

Famous for her Cockney accent, Michael Caine was born in Rotherhithe in 1933. The father was of Roma origins as in the case of Charlie Chaplin.

Daniel Day Lewis was born in Greenwich in 1957, the father was the well-known poet Cecil Day Lewis who was Irish and her mother came from a Jewish family

Jude Law was born in Lewisham in 1972 son of teachers

The great Christopher Lee, disappeared in 2015, was born in London in 1922 from mother with distant Italian origins

Rachel Weisz was born in 1970 in Westminster, the parents were both from Jewish families who emigrated from Austria and Hungary to escape Nazism

Emily Watson, who worked in theatre, television and cinema, was born in Islington in 1967. There are so many famous London actors.

Benedict Cumberbatch instead was born in Kensington in 1971 from acting parents and in a family with a long tradition of diplomacy.

Freddie Highmore was born in Camden in 1992, both parents work in  showbiz and ironically the mother was Daniel Ratcliffe’s agent.

Eddie Redmayne, another relatively young and well known actor was born in London in 1982. He attended the prestigious Eton college in the same year as Prince William.

Can you think of other London-born actors?




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