London will have its first ‘Porsche Hotel’

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First of all you have to ask yourself what would a Porsche hotel ever be. Well, the well-known car manufacturer has partnered with the Deutsche Hospitality hotel group to form the Steigenberger Porsche Design Hotels group. In the first large openings there are 15 hotel and London is on the list. As you may have understood this is a luxury hotel chain, after all, luxury products and services always seem to be proof against any recession.

In the 1963 Porsche designed one of the most iconic objects in contemporary history: the Porsche 911. Following this vision of bringing the principles and Porsche myth beyond the automotive world, Alexander Porsche created the exclusive lifestyle brand Porsche Design in the 1930.

In the 1930 Albert Steigenberger opened the Europäischer Hof in Baden-Baden, a hotel which led to the founding of Steigenberger Hotels AG, now there 160 hotels. Deutsche Hospitality instead from the 2020 belongs to the Huazhu Group which in all has well 7000 hotels around the world.

We don’t know where this new hotel will be located, but we can imagine it will be one of London’s upmarket neighbourhoods, convenient for international travel.

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