Mother Goose’s grave is in London (possibly)

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The origins of Mother Goose are not certain and there are several theories, one says that at the beginning of 1500 was published in London a book of English nursery rhymes, Mother Goose. In those days, books were not printed on paper as we know it, but on large sheets of parchment. The first edition contained 42 stories and songs mainly about animals such as hares and ducks and their games or dances.

The name“ Mother Goose ”is also used as a term for a type of fairy tale with moral lessons for children and the nursery rhyme“ Mother Goose’s Lullaby ”.

There are many theories about the origin of Mother Goose  of these theories, claims that it was created by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century. A different explanation states that it was created by Pastor John Skelton in 1521, which collected tales of the Anglo-Saxon oral tradition.

What not everyone knows, however, is that Mother Goose was buried in the church of St Olave in London which is located in Hart Street.

The church dates back to 1200 and is dedicated to the patron saint of Norway, King Olaf II who sided with the Anglo-Saxon king Ethelred II against the Danes. The church was saved during the fire of London In the 1666 by William Penn, father of the more famous William Penn who founded Pennsylvania. In her burial register she has a Mother Goose buried on 14 September 1586. If you go to see this church, the sign near the door says Mother Goose should have been buried here.

Of course, we don’t know who this Mother Goose was, the word mother is written in small print it is possible that it was a mother named with Goose as her surname, was 1500 and they weren’t very accurate in this kind of things.

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