Pan dei morti: the Italian cakes for the dead

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Il pan dei morti is a sweet made to celebrate the Feast of All Saints and the Dead in Milan in Italy and the surrounding areas. The round, unique sweets are rich with dry fruit, spices, and sometimes even chocolate.

Some people use dried figs, some others  pine nuts and some raisins but there are also those who prefer to give an extra boost with rum instead of wine. In this recipe we will use raisins, almonds and apricots but you can choose to substitute these ingredients according to your preferences.

They are offered to the dead who, according to popular belief, return to find their relatives in the night between the 1st and 2nd of November. There are many different versions, many of which come from the different ways that families have created it over the years, therefore there isn’t an official recipe.

There is a good recipe in English here if you want to try to make them, and if you have ever tasted one, you will surely want to eat them again.

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