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Hampstead Village (London) Walking Tour


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Hampstead is one of the most beautiful parts of London and one that fully retains its village origins. Walking around the narrow lanes and vast open spaces, it’s easy to forget you’re in London at all.Hampstead is “London’s Favourite Village” and characterised by its iconic landmarks, natural heathland, historic homes, theatres, diverse and vibrant high street and restaurants and pubs.It is an area long favoured by academics, writers and artists and is also home to many of the most famous names in the British media.We will explore the quaint alleyways and marvel at the splendid Georgian houses whilst learning something of the history and culture of Hampstead village and of some of the famous figures who lived and died here. Maybe take a few photos for Instagram or grab something nice to eat at boutique establishment and take in one of the best views over Central London.


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