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Private Walking Tour from the Tower to the Tate


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Within a distance of no more than 2 miles, this tour is crammed with variety. The tour starts with the Tower of London built 900 years ago by William the Conqueror following his conquest of 1066 and ends at the Tate Modern, an art gallery in a refurbished power station opened by the Queen in May 2000. And there is so much to be enjoyed in between! There is no comparison between the crowded docks of days gone by and the tranquil gallerias which have taken over the old wharves with their charming shops, restaurants and bars of today! Moving to Bankside in Southwark, we can still see the magnificent Southwark Cathedral, the ruins of what was once the lavish home of the Bishops of Winchester and the magnificent new Globe theatre. And then there are the views as the centuries old skyline competes with the modern giants of the age. This is a tour of contrasts, from history and heritage to medicine and drama, it’s a must. Oh, and there are coffee shops too so we can stop for a cuppa!


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