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Shakespeare’s Globe Guided Tours with Optional Afternoon Tea


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Step inside this faithful recreation of William Shakespeare’s iconic Globe theatre. Imagine it as it would have been at the centre of London’s notorious Bankside entertainment district. Throughout the year our expert guides bring this extraordinary open-air theatre to life in a 40 minute guided tour, with colourful stories of the 1599 Globe, the reconstruction process in the 1990s and how the building works today as an imaginative and experimental theatre space. Take a seat ‘within this wooden O’ – listen, absorb and ask questions as the secrets of the Globe unfold. Enjoy exciting live demonstrations in The Guided Tour Welcome and Demonstration Space at various times throughout the day, which include Elizabethan clothing dressings, stage fighting and printing the plays using a replica 17th century printing press.Upgrade to enjoy a delicious ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’-themed afternoon tea at the theater’s restaurant after your tour.


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