Simply Stonehenge Half- Day Tour from London


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Tick one of the world’s most famous sites off your list and enjoy Stonehenge in all its glory! Wander around the world heritage site and be captivated by the unique rock formation! Situated on Salisbury Plain, 40 ton rocks stand alone since their arrival 5,000 years ago. An abundance of theories surround Stonehenge; from the belief it is a religious temple to an astronomical clock and even a Bronze Age burial ground! Decide for yourself whilst discovering the history behind this mysterious monument.Highlights of the tour:• Full social distancing measures in place • Take your time to see the world-famous monument Stonehenge• Learn about the many theories surrounding this site• Come up close to the 5,000 year old Stone Circle• Capture the essence of Stonehenge’s history by exploring the interactive Visitor Centre• Relax and enjoy the ride on our luxurious air-conditioned coach


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