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Stonehenge Ring of Stones Game


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Keep your memory of Stonehenge’s magnificent stones alive with this commemorative game. Looking lovely on display when not in use it consists of a circle of stones that replicates the design of Stonehenge’s outer sarsen circle. Beautifully hand crafted in resin and made in England exclusively for English Heritage it is a lovely souvenir gift from one of the world’s greatest historical sites.Ring of Stones is a fun and easy game that can be played with one or two players. For one player see how fast you can build the ring of stones and compete against your friends for the best time. For two players take it in turns to roll the dice to add or dismantle pieces of the circle. The one who completes or clears the board is the winner.Key Features:Handmade in EnglandExclusive to English HeritageStone-effect resin pieces and boardFor 1-2 playersIncludes playing instructions and plastic dice


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