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Salemi, the village in Sicily that sells houses for 1 euro




Italian villages that sell houses for 1 euro have been around for a while and now we can add Salemi , a  Sicilian village located in the province of Trapani. It is found among the hills, vineyards and olive groves of the  Valle del Belice.

The mayor has launched the initiative wanting to redevelop the centre which has a long history. He has also launched a website where you can view and buy the properties.

The only commitment you must make when buying a property is to renovate the home purchased. Furthermore if you want to open a business you will get tax relief and up to 10k euros that you won’t have to repay.  .

Salemi is said to have arisen from the remains of the Elymian city of Halyciae where today you can still admire the splendid Norman-Swabian castle . Arriving here is like time travelling to the Middle Ages, thanks to the historic houses and buildings made of stone. There are also two Jewish quarters evidence that Salemi’s position has attracted lots of people throughout the ages.  Here they also bake bread sculptures with religious meanings. 


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‘La Vacinada’ the funny video with Helen Mirren that is viral in Italy



The images of the music video clip “La vacinada” – already viral – posted by the Southern Italian actor Checco Zalone on Facebook make you want to be vaccinated just to be able to dance with Helen Mirren

In the video clip, the actress speaks Italian very well, without having to be dubbed. In fact, Mirren, who has always been in love with Puglia, has already owned a farmhouse for many years in Tiggiano , in the province of Lecce, in the lower Salento.

The actor, aboard an Alfa Romeo convertible Duetto, headed for Southern Italy, stops to ask a woman who is gardening for directions to the Zinzulusa Cave, in a kind of italianised Spanish.  

The video is fun, the song is also catchy, the setting in Puglia is wonderful and then there is Helen Mirren. 




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Earth Day: some ways to eat without harming the planet



Today we celebrate Earth Day . The aim is to raise awareness of environmental problems. All we do has an impact and preserving the ecological balance, currently threatened, is the basis. Human impact on our planet has irreversible consequences. Acting on our actions and making the right choices is now more urgent than ever.

The project was born in the United States in 1969, when John McConnell, a peace activist and convinced ecologist, proposes to set up a day dedicated to the planet. The following year it becamw reality. Thanks to the UN, the first World Earth Day was established. Every year it focuses on a different topic: this year the topic is Restore our Earth. 

There are simple things we can all do to minimise our impact on the earth

Some of the foods we find on the shelves of our supermarkets come from very other  countries, often quite far.  Food transport is responsible for much of the emissions attributed to the food production system.

We can try to buy and eat local food, even if we live in cities there are now several farmers markets with fresh local produce

We also throw away a lot of food as it’s past its best by date. That date doesn’t indicate that the product is unhealthy and can make you sick but it might have changed its taste. 

We should use less plastic but we actually use more.  It is a durable and resistant material and microplastics can be found everywhere, even in the food we consume. We can stop using disposable plastic bags and bottles and avoid food with too much plastic packaging.

It would also help if we ate less meat/  Intensive farming, in addition to limiting animal welfare, produces a large amount of emissions and production waste.We can eat less meat but of better quality. Alternatively, consume other protein sources such as legumes, eggs and dairy products.


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For the first time you can visit Buckingham Palace’s gardens



For the first time, the famous Queen’s Gardens at Buckingham Palace will be opened. Normally only the Royal Family and those invited to the Queen’s parties can see them. The reason for this decision is that this summer there will be no traditional opening of part of the building because of the pandemic and to compensate they open the gardens.

Visitors will be able to wander the garden paths and experience the calm of this garden in the heart of London. You will see Horse Chestnut Avenue, the plane trees planted by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and the famous lake with its bee island of Buckingham Palace. You can also have a picnic on one of the lawns. The gardens will be open from 9 July to 19 September but there are also weekend tours in April and May. You can book your tickets here

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