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The 75 years of the humble Vespa



The Vespa motorbike is a classic Italian sports bike that has been around since the 1940s. It was developed and manufactured in collaboration with the Italian automotive company FIAT. The Vespa is a great example of an iconic design that has had quite a few different names over the years.

Vespa has created a special edition, la Vespa 75th , available for Vespa Primavera and for Vespa GTS  starting from March and limited to 2021 Vespa 75 th is shown in the new metallic color Yellow 75 th, designed expressly for this special series and which reinterprets colors in vogue in the 1940s in a contemporary key,  the innovative soul and the more style side of Vespa.

In addition, to underline the uniqueness of this special celebratory series, each piece is accompanied by an Invite Package including a Made in Italy scarf in 100% silk with jacquard workmanship and hand-stitched edges, a vintage Vespa plate in steel, dedicated Proprietor’s Publication and eight collectible postcards that trace through the most significant images the many decades of Vespa history.




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