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Were Edwardian women waists ‘photoshopped’?



Well, not exactly photoshopped, they didn’t have computers those days and certainly not Adobe Photoshop to play with.  

We know that women those days were shorter but physically the same as us, so some of the amazingly thin waists look quite unbelievable. Sure, corsets could make waist look very thin but some are unnaturally small. 

That’s when a bit of doctoring was used to make the waist look thinner.  It was normally done directly on the negative by painting over the extra waist. If you look closely at many photos of the time you will see that there are strange shadows around the waist or the area look darker or lighter than the rest of the photo. 

Some were a bit over the top like this photo below.  You can clearly see that the waist was doctored. 

Others might be less obvious but they still look suspicious if you look closely. 

Worked in many sectors including recruitment and marketing. Lucky to have found a soulmate who was then taken far too soon. No intention of moving on and definitely not moving to Thailand for the foreseeable future. Might move forward. Owned by a cat.

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How to choose an amber pendant



Amber is fossilized tree resin, which was once referred to as the “gold of the north” for its beautiful and unique qualities. Amber is a gemstone that can be made into an animal figurine, a pendant or other jewellery pieces, often in sterling silver.

There are many things to consider when purchasing an amber pendant. For example, the most important thing is that you should buy it from a reliable dealer who will provide you with a certificate of authenticity and also guarantee that the amber stone has been treated for any possible pest infestation. There are many fake amber pieces of jewellery around, so you should be careful. Generally the richer the colour and the more translucent the stone, the more valuable it is.

There are two different types of amber: organic and synthetic.

Different types of amber from different parts of the world

There are different kinds of amber-like white Amboine, which is from the northeast of Myanmar. Other types of amber include “whiskey” amber which has a cognac or whiskey colour and originates from the Baltic region, “Mexican” amber and Turquoise from India.

The honey-coloured Baltic amber comes from the ancient Baltic Sea regions, in southern Poland, northern Germany and southern Sweden.

Mexican Amber is better known as “Mexican Gold” because of its golden colour. Mexican amber was very famous in the Victorian era in Britain. The reason why there is so much amber coming from the Baltic is that it was an area with many forests. This allowed the amber to settle there. Amber is most commonly found in clastic sedimentary rocks. Amber can be found in fossilised forests from the Ordovician to the Quaternary periods. There are a few theories as to why these forests formed, with the most popular being that this was due to the combined effect of forest fires and ice sheets.

Another theory is this was due to a combination of heavy fog coming from the coast and heavy rain, which caused a dense ground cover of ferns. This would have created a dark, sinister atmosphere, which is what the fossilised forests look like. The most common type of amber is called succinite (often called “true” amber), and it usually contains mostly pine tree resin.

Insects can get trapped in the sticky sap that leaks from living trees, then become preserved as inclusions when the sap becomes fossilized and hardens. Amber which contains insects is particularly sought after, especially for pendants. 


amber pendant

Do you want to make your own amber pendant? 

The first step in testing a piece of amber is to identify the type, using a process called polymerization. Polymerization is achieved by heating the amber until it turns into liquid. The liquid will be light brown if it’s plant resin, and dark brown if it’s animal resin. The next step is to identify whether or not there are any insects inside of the amber. To do this, use a process called maceration by placing the amber in alcohol for about two weeks.  The amber will start to bubble up, and turn a milky white. This means that the insects have started to decompose, therefore making your piece of amber safe to work with.

Once all of the pieces have been identified and tested, it’s time to start cutting into the amber. To get an exact cut, you’ll need a very sharp instrument. 

If you are looking to buy an amber pendant set, these tips will help find the right one for you.

1. The type of stone: the majority of amber that is sold on the market is resin, which means that it is mixed with a strong-smelling oil and heated until it reaches a viscous state and becomes hard. There are three different types of resin: yellow, red, and white.

2. The colour of the stone: amber is usually dark brown in colour but can also be yellow or orange in some cases. In greyish stones, bubbles appear as a result of trapped air during the heating process. If you choose a Baltic amber pendant it will probably look like a solid piece of honey.

3. Shape: most amber pendants are round but they can also be square or rectangular at times if they have been carved out of larger pieces 

Choose a pendant chain

Ensure that you choose a good pendant chain as you don’t want to lose your piece of amber. 

There are a few things to consider when choosing a pendant chain.

1. Length – the length of the chain should be determined by how long you want to wear it. Longer chains will cause the pendant to hang low, while shorter chains will make it more eye-catching.

2. Width – if you have a small pendant, you might want to go with a thin chain that won’t take up too much space on your neckline. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a larger statement piece, then a wider chain would be more appropriate and appealing.

3. Material – Solid sterling silver is usually used for formal occasions or for very delicate jewellery like pearls; gold is most often used for statement pieces like large chunky necklaces or gemstones. Check the finish of the chain as well. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune!

Generally, though you don’t have to spend a fortune, synthetic amber pendants can be very good, as long as you are aware that it’s synthetic and not natural. 

I chose a necklace with an amber knot, and it looks great! The chain is very simple so the pendant doesn’t dominate; it just sits nicely on the gold chain. So if you’re wondering what to wear with your favourite outfit when you don’t want to be too flashy, a necklace with an amber pendant can be a brilliant idea. 

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The Best Wedding Perfumes That Smell Like Heaven



wedding perfume

A wedding perfume is supposed to be floral if possible. The scent should be light and delicate as they exude emotions of love and romance. Single floral notes such as rose, or fruity scents like citrus fruits, can help to lower stress levels as well as being understated and warm.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Perfume

The combination of textures, the size of the spray bottle, the number of notes and the type of flower required to create the perfumed flowers can also create quite the list. That is why we have put together a list of the best fragrances for 2021 and will show you our top picks. 

Noir D’Argent If you are looking for something on the lighter side of floral fragrances, a floral fragrance with the fragrance notes of orange blossom absolute and tuberose absolute will immediately remind you of the most special time in your life.

To leave a lasting impression at a wedding ceremony or in the post-wedding celebrations, you should opt for a scent that has either a clear fruit fragrance or a floral fragrance that has a lot of hints of scent.

Wedding Perfume Tester

Rose The boldest floral, romantic and sweetest of floral scents. It’s also the most expensive, as this is a highly fragranced perfume. It’s a tribute to a vintage floral fragrance, and notes of bergamot, rose, gardenia and vanilla. Balmain These scents feel good for a bride, but still low in price. The first fragrance in the collection is ‘The Bride’, which exudes love and purity, followed by a light rose. The fragrance has notes of gardenia, jasmine, sandalwood and citrus; it’s a lovely classic scent and this could easily be a separate gift for a bride to carry on her wedding day. Another soft and romantic fragrance is ‘Marry Me’. This is a gorgeous scent, which has notes of citruses, orange blossom, jasmine, rose, cardamom and sandalwood.

The Best Wedding Perfumes

Byredo  This is the scent for those who like something easy to wear and fits every occasion from cocktail parties to glam wedding. The berry notes are a perfect match to the bergamot and orange tones of lavender.

Hermes Eau d’Orange Noir This is one of my favourites when it comes to wedding fragrances. This is a classic scent that smells quite dreamy and will make you feel like you are in a French café. 

Choose your scent carefully

Perfumes are such a subjective thing, and you find yourself answering the question, what is your signature fragrance? What does it smell like to you?

For some, it might be a light citrus smell with hints of grapefruit.

The scent of the ocean is famous for its ocean breeze, freshness and body. The ocean is also known for its salt and iron rich water. These scents are light in nature and contain hints of lemon and grapefruit. This scent is ideal for when you wish to freshen up. The lemon, grapefruit and ocean breeze scents can be worn alone as well.

Consider what scent or scents carry meaning for you; for example, if a person is extremely sensitive to smells, they may want to avoid an overwhelming floral scent. Beware of allergies as well, try your scent before the big day, you don’t want to spend the day sneezing or worse. 


The more you read about wedding perfumes and their exact meanings, the easier it will be to choose the right perfume for your wedding day. Don’t go overboard with too many different fragrances as this will overwhelm your senses and you will be stuck picking a favourite from a range of possibilities. The point is that your bouquet should reflect your personality and not be too conventional and generic.

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Beta-carotene can be good for you, this is why



Beta-carotene is a vitamin with many beneficial properties and for this reason it is increasingly used, gaining a leading role as a precious ally for our body. Beta-carotene is in fact able to counteract the free radicals responsible for cellular aging, to stimulate melanin and promote tanning by protecting the skin from sunlight, protecting the system cardiovascular and much more.

Beta-carotene is a “carotenoid”, which is a vegetable pigment that can be yellow , red or orange and is a precursor of vitamin A. That means that when needed it can convert into vitamin A.  It doesn’t absorb well in the intestine but you can aid this by eating with oil,

The beta- carotene is contained in green leafy vegetables and in orange, yellow and red fruits and vegetables.

It is found in fruits such as peach, melon, apricot, mango and vegetables such as carrots, peppers, pumpkin but also peas, spinach and and parsley.

The food which, however, contains the highest concentration of beta-carotene is an alga, or the spirulina..

Beta-carotene is essential for the well-being of our organism and from a nutritional point of view. First of all it is a powerful antioxidant , which means alarming that it is able to slow down skin aging as it fights free radicals. It also has anticancer properties and can strenghten the immune system. It is also important above all for the well-being of the skin, hair and bones.

For these reasons the World Health Organization which recommends taking five servings a day of fruit and vegetables, if you do that the transformation of beta-carotene into vitamin A is guaranteed, with beneficial effects.

Excessive intake of beta-carotene can cause changes in the colour of the skin which has an orange tinge, but that should disappear simply by decreasing the doses of beta-carotene.




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