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Munich: The Oktoberfest will be cancelled in 2021

  It is now certain that the Oktoberfest in Munich in the year 2021 will not take place.   It is practically not feasible “that such proportions of people will wear a mask and keep sufficient distances. Therefore having the festival, until the situation of the pandemic is definitely solved, would be irresponsible.  The first

Herm Island – a little hidden paradise

Years ago I was introduced to Herm island by my dad. He loved Islands and discovering new places. He would investigate and learn all about strange places and make it his mission to visit them. Herm is a tiny little Island with no cars motorbikes or roads to worry about, located in the Channel Islands

Route 66; the legendary road from Chicago to Los Angeles

Route 66, everyone has at least heard of it, part of our culture by now. It was one of the main roads on the American highway network which has become a kind of cult. It didn’t last long. Route 66 was decommissioned and replaced by 5 other roads in 1985. At least 20% of the

London: How to visit Hyde Park Pet Cemetery

In the northwest part of Hyde Park, almost hidden away is the famous Pet Cemeteryfrom the Victorian era. Not everyone knows where it is and it’s not easy to see even from Bayswater Road. Opened in 1881, the animals of wealthy London families were buried here until 1903. It all started by chance when the

The most beautiful restaurant in the world is in Spain

It’s official, the most beautiful restaurant in the world is in Spain. To get there you have to fly into the autonomous region of Andalusia and head to Marbella which, among other things, is also the most expensive city on the Costa del Sol.  The restaurant is called  Leña, steakhouse created by Dani García ,

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