8 Tips For Finding A Cheap Hotel In London (And Still Get A Good Night's Sleep)

London has everything from cheap hostels to luxury hotels, the choice is nearly unlimited. There are so many things to do in Londra but with so much choice, it’s hard to make a decision.

Budget vs Luxury

It depends on how you look at it. If you’re used to living in a big city, with a lot of choice on a much lower budget then it won’t be as hard a task finding something as cheap as a hostel. But if you want a treat, or want to feel like you’re not missing out, the luxury hotels will have you spoilt for choice. However, you will still be able to find a good deal on a hostel. It’s simply going to be a lot more expensive. Different Types Of Hostels There are two types of hotel in London – budget and luxury. If you’re looking to save as much money as you can then you’ll probably want to try to get into a luxury hotel. If, however, you want to live like a local in a budget hotel you should still be able to find a good deal on a hostel.

Use the right websites

The truth is that travel websites cater to different customer types. If you’re a budget traveller, it’s best to use a site such as Hotelbookers that offers special deals, like having a 4-star hotel at a 2-star price. If you’re in the market for a luxury hotel, however, then you should be looking at booking platforms such as Booking.com or Hotels.com which tend to have higher-priced hotels with less competition. Using these websites you can find the best hotel for you and can get a better idea of the standard at the property. This will help you negotiate with the hotel directly and find the best deal. Book a room at the right time If you know what time you need to arrive at the hotel, you can tell the hotel to prepare a room for you.

Know your dates

As with all your plans, booking a cheap hotel in London is key. Get a night in advance and you will save. Ideally, booking for the weekend when you want to do the absolute maximum with your time is ideal but if you are jetting in for work or an overseas getaway, midweek can be a little easier. Check out cheaplondonbrides.co.uk, LondonDeals.com and Idoinehouse.com for some great last-minute deals. Choose your location wisely The whole of central London is full of cheap hotels – including some great ones in what used to be the poorer parts of the city, so you don’t want to waste your time if you’re there for the weekend or going to see a show.

Be flexible with your dates

The best deals can be found during times that are either off-peak or late in the year. Visit the Victoria and Albert Museum website or try the TfL travel pages and try to stay for a period where prices are more in the half-price range. If you have a particular interest in a subject, such as art or antiques, try visiting early in the morning when prices can be the cheapest. Don’t be put off if a hotel is booked out, this is a common occurrence and not a cause for concern. Remember that hotels are booked up months in advance. Happily, many hotels have special offers or sales at key times, and check hotel websites to see if there is anything coming up in your desired dates.

Know the neighbourhoods

Some neighbourhoods like Covent Garden and the Southbank are tourist traps, but there are cheaper alternatives if you know where to look. Narrow down your destination to the area that you want to explore, pick out the high end hotels that are near there and hit the road. For example, if you want to see all of the London eye and have a late night out, pick out The London Eye, Southbank, Marble Arch, Waterloo and Leicester Square as the areas to head towards. Search hotels Searching through sites like Booking.com  is a great way to see what you can get for your money. Check reviews on Tripadvisor.

Know your travel needs

What’s your budget? What sort of hotels are you looking for? With a little bit of research, you can find some of the best bargains and rates you could ever find. Do your research What’s your destination? You need to choose where to stay, the accommodation and whether it’s a hostel or luxury hotel. There’s a lot to consider, and before booking your trip start researching in detail. Get a website You can search hotels online and most companies will let you compare accommodation and prices. There are also some very useful smartphone apps which can also be used to save money. Some hotels offer a free Wi-Fi code so you can use them on your phone without paying.

Stay in a hostel

If you’re looking to save money on your stay, you can save hundreds of pounds a night by staying in a hostel. It’s easy, fun, and affordable. You’ll meet loads of different people, they’re quite sociable, and if you can find a good one, you’ll get good sleep and most of all, you’ll have a lovely time! Boutique Hotel If you want more privacy and are after luxury, try the leading establishments. Try some of London’s best hotels like The Bloomsbury, The City, The Connaught, The St. Regis, The Shard, One Hyde Park, The Mondrian, or The Battersea or Raffles. Whatever your budget is, there’s sure to be a hotel that suits your requirements. Wellness Retreats London is full of different wellness retreats.


It’s impossible to choose the best hotel on the Internet for you, so my best advice is to book with a local travel agent. They can offer good deals and guidance, as well as the opportunity to negotiate for the best price. Alternatively, many hostels offer discounted rooms on a daily basis and some are even opening their doors to hotel guests for the whole weekend. That said, if you do want to book a room, read all the reviews, watch the videos and read the comments to see what others think. You’ll find the best places to stay for cheap and the worst, but it’s still possible to find a great deal.

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