A very special thing is coming to the Tower of London

A new immersive experience dedicated to Gunpowder Plot will arrive at the Tower of London was a failed assassination attempt against King James I by a group of British provincial Catholics led by Robert Catesby, who sought to restore the Catholic monarchy from the Church of England after decades of intolerance against Catholics. To commemorate this event, Guy Fawkes’ fireworks are held every 5th November.

 Guy Fawkes was caught in the act, imprisoned and tortured in the Tower of London. He and most of his fellow conspirators suffered the horrific death of traitors in Westminster.

Actors , virtual reality and multisensory special effects will bring the Tower of London back to the time of the gunpowder plot of  1605.

A real leap in time. You will even smell, you will see for the first time (since 1605) the Tower of London as it was in 1605, and you will go down along the  Thames and you will see it as it was at that time. Furthermore, you will not be just a visitor you’ll have to go on a mission and infiltrate the conspirators, try to do everything so that they trust you and then you can join them.

You can register for tickets from next week, even if the fantastic event starts in May 2022. This event is described as the most important in London since the opening of the Shard. We will see!

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