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Bridgerton on Netflix thinks that Bath is London



Released on Christmas Day on Netflix, Bridgerton has made headlines online and off-line.

The series is an adaptation of Julia Quinn’s series of romance novels set in the Regency Period. It may please some, but not everyone is convinced above all by the fact that it is not very accurate historically.

The thing that amazed and shocked many however is having used the Royal Crescent in Bath, one of the most recognizable buildings in this city, for a story set in London.

Wilton House in Wiltshire is used several times, becoming Clyvedon Castle (which does not exist), Hampton Court Palace and the London home of the Duke of Hastings. Wilton House is very popular, in fact it is also seen in the Netflix drama the Crown.

Although many are shocked, remember that it is fiction and does not have to be historically accurate. But just so as not to get too confused, it’s worth remembering that the Royal Crescent is still located in Bath.

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New TV series featuring London’s Natural History Museum



The new series is called Natural History Museum: World of Wonder and will air every Thursday from January 7 at 8pm on Channel 5.
The series documents the work of around 300 scientists at the museum and takes a look behind the scenes of the preparations for the exhibition. It explores nearly every inch of the museum, including public galleries, laboratories, scanner suites, collection rooms and dissection rooms.
Among the highlights of the programmes you will see:
Principal Curator of Mammals Richard Sabin reveals details of the Museum’s blue whale skeleton. He shaves tiny samples from Hope’s mouthplates for chemical analysis and makes fascinating new discoveries, including the fact she was carrying a calf.
Paleontologist Dr Susie Maidment opens a box from a famous dinosaur dig in Lesotho, Africa, which has never been unpacked. She discovers a rock that could contain a rare dinosaur skull that is 199 million years old.
Head of Earth Sciences Collections and planetary scientist Professor Caroline Smith has revealed a meteorite containing particles older than the solar system itself.

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