Is the Globe Theatre a faithful reconstruction of Shakespeare's theatre?

The Globe Theatre was a theatre built in London in 1599 by Shakespeare’s theatre company. It was short-lived, burned by fire in 1613, was rebuilt and then closed in 1642.

In 1997, a reconstruction of this theatre opened in the London area along the Thames we call Bankside. Many believe that London’s Globe Theatre is a faithful reconstruction of Shakespeare’s theatre. But this is not quite true.

First of all located in a different place, the original Globe theatre is located about 250 meters further south-east. If you pay attention near Southwark Bridge you will see a commemorative plaque in a courtyard to remember where the theatre used to be.

Furthermore, the Globe Theatre does not have one ancestor, but several. In fact, the wood of the original Globe Theatre came from another theatre which was called just Theatre and which was located in Shoreditch and then literally transported to Bankside.

Recently, the foundations of that theatre have been rediscovered. The original Globe Theatre was destroyed in a fire in 1613 and was immediately rebuilt with a different design. Modern recreation is largely faithful to the old theatre, but incorporates several features of the new one. The interior is completely reimagined, in fact there are no descriptions or images of the interior, only representations of other theatres of that period, while there are illustrations of the exterior.

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