Langley Wood, an ancient oak forest near Southampton

Langley Wood is located  north of Southampton and in the north of the New Forest to which it now officially belongs and is an ancient oak forest.

Left to grow in its natural state, it hosts a large amount of lichens and here five different types of deer live and reproduce (including fallow deer and roe deer) and move quietly from this wood to the New Forest.

Langley Wood is home to a great wealth of fauna and flora and is worth visiting at any time of the year.

In spring there is no shortage of beautiful butterflies and wild flowers. In summer you will have the chance to meet different birds and both autumn and winter offer all the beauty of the ever changing forest.

Although most of the trees are oak, you will also find several conifers, walnuts and maples. Strangely, there are no beeches.

Among the birds that you can see you will find the buzzard, sparrow hawk, nightingale, redstart, green luì, woodcock and the famous red woodpecker that if you are lucky you can hear before you even see it.

Furthermore, thanks to the policy of leaving it in its natural state, the forest hosts an incredible number of different species of mosses and lichens. You can walk through Langley Wood following one of the many trails that allow you to explore it to the fullest.

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