Learn how to dance with the English National Ballet

With all these  lockdowns we all want to learn new things, things that we may have always wanted to do but never had the opportunity or time. One positive thing is the fact that now we can also do things remotely and we can take lessons from the English National Ballet even though we have never set foot in London.

The lessons are obviously held online on a new special platform that you can find here. Even if you don’t intend to become Rudolf Nureywv, there are hundreds of lessons for all levels, many great for just a new workout regimen. Classes range from the professional level with Tamara Rojo, to those designed for those with only limited space, such as a chair or yoga mat.

It is £ 9.99 per month or £ 99.99 per year with the option of a free 7 day trial period. For this price you can watch as much as you like, wherever you want (phones, tablets or computers. This is basically the Netflix of dance lessons.

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