Lowestoft in Suffolk, the easternmost point of Great Britain

Lowestoft in Suffolk is the easternmost city of Great Britain, it had been important for fishing and the production of smoked fish, especially the herring in the 1800.

These industries have started to decline since WWI, but Lowestoft still has a fishing industry, as you can see especially in the early morning and at the fish market.

Among the attractions of Lowecroft you have to see the Claremont Pier , one of the many piers which are located in the UK. This one a bit late compared to others, in fact it was built in 1801 and is long 230 meters. It was originally the dock where the Belle steamers departed from. Now you can find a restaurant, a nightclub, children’s games and more.


Lowestoft has a sandy beach which is called South Beach but to note it is also the old fishing village with the narrow streets leading to the old port. Here you will also find the Lifeboat Station, one of the oldest in the UK, existing from 1801 and that you can visit.

The history of Lowestoft is naturally linked to the sea and this heritage is remembered in numerous museums in the city. For example the Lowestoft Maritime Museum with model boats, fishing gear, a lifeboat cockpit and more. The Royal Naval Patrol Museum nearby remembers the minesweeper service.

On Heritage Quay, you can visit the Mincarlo is the fully built fishing vessel at Lowestoft most old woman. Visitors can tour the entire boat.

The first lighthouse in England was built at Lowestoft in 1609. What you see now dates back to 1874. You can also visit St Margaret’s Church, with an interesting ceiling, it is a memorial to sailors and fishermen lost at sea.

A Lowestoft is also located Ness Point , the easternmost point of Great Britain, what you see is a circle on the ground showing distances to different famous places.

How to get to Lowestoft?

This town is connected to Norwich by rail, to get there just take a train to Norwich and change here. Alternatively, you can also take a train from Ipswich.

This could be a day trip from London, but if you want to see the various museums and visit the place well, you should stay at least one weekend.

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