Princess Diana: Accredited Access Exhibition Opens in London

Opening its doors on Saturday, 25 May 2024, the highly anticipated “Princess Diana: Accredited Access Exhibition” makes its way back to London. This immersive photography exhibition offers visitors an unparalleled visual journey through some of the most recognisable and iconic images of Diana, Princess of Wales, alongside intimate behind-the-scenes stories from her official photographers.

Set within the atmospheric Dockside Vaults at Ivory House, St Katharine Docks, the exhibition is a poignant tribute to one of the most beloved figures in royal history. Following its successful runs in Los Angeles and Melbourne, the London showcase promises to be an unforgettable experience, capturing Diana’s emotional and public life through stunning imagery and evocative art installations.

Among the highlights is a powerful juxtaposition of Diana alone in front of the Taj Mahal with a later image of William and Catherine seated before the same monument, symbolising the enduring legacy of her family. Another striking photograph by Samir captures the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the rain during an engagement in London, encapsulating the enduring connection between Diana’s legacy and the current royal family.

“There are so many memories of our two families connecting and creating a special relationship, which I am pleased to be able to display in such a unique way through the exhibition,” remarked Hussein, one of the contributing photographers.

Visitors to the exhibition will also benefit from a complimentary audio guide, enhancing their experience with rich narratives and insights. Running from 25 May to 2 September, this exhibition at the Dockside Vaults offers a rare opportunity to reflect on the life and legacy of Princess Diana in a setting as storied as her own remarkable journey.  Tickets can be found here.

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