The garden of Christ Church Greyfriars Rose Garden in London

A garden in the City of London created from the ruins of a medieval church and a little oasis of peace at any time of day. The first church that stood here was part of a Franciscan monastery and was built in 1306 in the Gothic style.

It was completely destroyed during the Great Fire of London in 1666 and rebuilt in 1687 in a neo-classical style by the great architect Christopher Wren, the tower was added later in 1704. 

The church was extremely important especially for the organ and the concerts that were held there. In 1940 during a German bombing the church was almost completely destroyed. Seven other Christopher Wren churches were destroyed the same night. The four walls and the tower remained.

After the war it was decided not to rebuild the church and in 1989 it was transformed into a garden. If you look carefully at what remains of the church, the garden follows what was the architecture of the building. You will see climbing roses instead of columns and other plants indicate where the church pews are.

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