A new museum will open in London in 2021

Several small London museums are not sure if they will be able to reopen after the pandemic but meanwhile a new museum will definitely open in 2021.

This is the Bow Street Police Museum on the history of crime and prisons in central London over the last few centuries. It will be located inside a famous courthouse and police station on Bow Street.

This place was important because it had seen the birth of the first organized police force. Also here was a famous tribunal until 2006 which saw many important trials. For example, Oscar Wilde and the famous murderer Dr Crippen were tried here and also some high profile IRA cases. The Bow Street Police Station operated until 1992. 

Visitors to the museum will also be able to enter the ‘tank’ which is the place where drunks found on the street were kept until they were sober again. The museum is expected to open in early 2021, obviously a lot depends on the developments of the pandemic.

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