A visit to Liverpool's stadium: Anfield


It’s hard to describe the thrill you feel when you walk through the doors of Anfield, Liverpool FC’s historic home ground. This place is more than just a playground; it is a shrine to supporters, a symbol of passion and pride in the city of Liverpool and a place of pilgrimage for football lovers from around the world. Passing through the imposing Shankly Gates or the majestic Paisley Gates, you immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Anfield, ready to discover its rich history and be captivated by its legends. Tickets for visiting the stadium and museum.

The gates of Anfield

The Shankly Gates and Paisley Gates are the gateways that lead into the heart of Anfield. These goals are a tribute to two legendary footballing figures: Bill Shankly, the manager who built Liverpool FC into a powerhouse, and Bob Paisley, his successor who took the club to new heights of success. Every fan who passes through these doors feels the energy and excitement that pervade the stadium.


Shankly’s statue

Just inside the gates, the statue of Bill Shankly stands tall, capturing the essence of the legendary coach. The statue depicts Shankly with an expression of determination and passion, his eyes fixed on the playing field. It’s a tribute to a man who dedicated his life to football and who made people happy through his vision of the game. As you admire this majestic work of art, you can feel the greatness of Shankly and the deep connection he has made with the Liverpool fans.

Anfield museum

To fully understand the history of Liverpool FC, a visit to the Anfield museum is a must. Inside the museum is a large collection of shirts, trophies and memorabilia that tell the story of the club. Each exhibit has a story to tell and a connection to the great players of the past and the team’s memorable victories. It’s an exciting journey through time, allowing you to immerse yourself in Liverpool’s rich footballing heritage.

Gerrard’s voice

A touching moment while visiting the Anfield museum is meeting the voice of Steven Gerrard, the legendary captain of Liverpool FC from 2003 to 2015. Through an emotional video, Gerrard shares his personal treasures and talks about the importance of the club in his life. His words convey the love and passion he has always had for Liverpool FC and the honor of having represented his colours. Listening to Gerrard’s words, one can feel the deep connection between the players and the fans, which makes Anfield a unique venue of its kind.

Anfield as part of the city’s psychology

A visit to Anfield is not only an experience for football fans but also a way to understand a vital part of the psychology of the city of Liverpool. Liverpool FC has a profound impact on the local community and millions of supporters around the world. The stadium represents the pride and resilience of a city that has faced many challenges. It is a symbol of unity and hope, capable of uniting people through a passion for football. Anfield’s presence in supporters’ lives goes far beyond the pitch, becoming an integral part of the identity of those who call Liverpool home.

The history of Anfield

Anfield’s history dates back to 1884 when it was opened for football. Initially, the stadium was used by Everton FC, but a lease dispute led to the club moving to Goodison Park. In 1892, Liverpool FC was founded and Anfield became its home. Over the years, the stadium has grown into an impressive structure with over 50,000 seats. Every corner of Anfield tells a part of its fascinating history. Every session, every terrace bears witness to epic victories, moments of joy and emotion shared by generations of fans.

Anfield tours

For football fans, Anfield tours offer the unique opportunity to explore the hidden corners of the stadium. During the tour, you can walk along the tunnel that leads to the pitch, imagining the excitement the players feel before each match. You can visit the locker room, touch the shirts worn by the champions and breathe in the atmosphere full of history that permeates the entire building. And for those looking for an even more exclusive experience, there’s the option to book a VIP tour, which includes meeting some of the players and a behind-the-scenes look at life at the club.

The Liverpool F.C. Story

The highlight of any visit to Anfield is the enthralling Liverpool FC Story show interactive museum that traces the history of the club. Through thrilling video, immersive sound and immersive displays, one can relive Liverpool FC’s greatest and most meaningful moments. The silverware includes all five of the club’s European trophies, capturing the essence of the epic victories that made Liverpool FC a dominant force in European football. Furthermore, a replica of the famous Kop, the grandstand that embodies the soul and passion of the fans, offers an immersive experience, allowing you to feel the energy of the roaring crowds chanting “You will never walk alone”.

The memory of Hillsborough

At the end of the museum itinerary, there is a work of art that deserves special attention. A painting by Adrian Henri commemorates the tragic disaster at Hillsborough, an event that marked the history of Liverpool FC and Anfield profoundly. This artwork commemorates the lives lost that day and the unity of the community in remembrance of the victims. It is a moment of reflection and remembrance, underlining the importance of preserving the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for a passion for football.

A visit to Anfield is an exciting experience that goes far beyond football. It is a journey into the heart and soul of a passionate community, it is a celebration of history, passion and identity. Walking through the arches of Anfield, one realizes the incredible power sport can have in connecting people, in overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers. No matter where in the world you come from, Anfield welcomes everyone with its open arms and makes you feel welcome part of a global family of supporters.



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