Another course subscription site for creative people

Online courses have experienced a real boom in recent years, the pandemic has accelerated their success. There are obviously great advantages, not everyone lives in a city and has access to courses, then we don’t always like the teacher and above all we can’t always find the time to attend a course.

The advantage of online courses is that they are relatively cheap, you can start one and if it doesn’t convince you, try another, in fact many course sites offer a Netflix-style subscription. Also you can do them when you have time and if you are good you can do them quickly and you don’t have to wait for the slowest ones in the class. If, on the other hand, you are one of the slow ones, you can learn at your own speed without feeling guilty.

There are several sites for courses especially in IT and for creatives, another less known site is Creative Live which offers hundreds of courses in creative subjects, from photography to how to use Photoshop or learning to draw. You can buy the courses individually or make a monthly or annual subscription, obviously you save by making it an annual one.

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