Arthur Rackham, the great London illustrator

Not only do we have timeless masterpieces of English children’s literature in this collection, but we also have one of the great masters of illustration in Arthur Rackham. This is a collection of illustrations from the time known as the “golden age of British illustration,” which lasted roughly from the advent of chromatography in 1870 to the beginning of the Second World War.

We’ll speak about some of these images in more detail when we get to the greats, but let’s start with the incomparable Arthur Rackham.

The Life of Arthur Rackham is a biography of the English author Arthur Rackham.
Rackham was born in 1867 in London’s Lambeth area, the son of a civil servant and the fourth of twelve children. He was the son of a civil servant and the fourth of twelve children. He resided in a mansion with a view of the garden, which was designed by botanists John Tradescant (father and son) and was regarded an artistic masterpiece. Perhaps that garden served as an inspiration for him as well.

He was inspired to sketch and paint from a young age by his family. While growing up, his mother told him stories from the Bible and other biblical legends, which he found inspiring and used to make pictures of biblical situations. In the past, he has studied at Dulwich College and Lambeth School of Art, but he has dropped out before completing the degree because he believes they do not provide what he is looking for.


However, in order to support himself, he had to work as a public employee for a number of years, during which time he also performed some illustration work for various publications, including newspapers and magazines.

After that, he was offered a permanent position as an illustrator for Pall Mall Budget, which he accepted. He later published his first book of pictures, and from then until his death in 1939, he worked as a commissioned illustrator for various clients. He was in high demand, and there was never a scarcity of work for him. He also received numerous prizes. At least until the end of World War I, the golden era of illustration reigned supreme in the world of illustration. Because publishing photographs was expensive and incorrect, many books, particularly travel books, featured artists. However, breakthroughs in the use of colour in mass printing brought the golden age of illustrations to an end, and the golden age of illustrations was replaced by the modern era.

The fact that Rackham was never a successful painter later in life left him bitter. The truth is the images he left us continue to be enjoyed by people all over the world, and all of his works are still being reissued on a regular basis in English-speaking nations and beyond.

arthur rackham


The most well-known work by Arthur Rackham

In addition to stories and fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm and Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Rackham illustrated Aesop’s Fables, Rip van Winkle, Mother Goose, the Storm, and King Lear by Shakespeare, as well as the famous Peter Pan in Kensing tonne Gardens and The Wind in The Willows. Arthur Rackham died in his home in London on April 6, 1939, at the age of 91. We will never forget her portrayal of Alice in Wonderland, and her interpretations of Alice’s travels have become well recognised across the world. At its place, most people think of the Peter Pan created by the Disney studio, although Rackham’s in Kensington Gardens was the first actual Peter Pan and the most authentic to the book’s descriptions. In reality, in the novel, Peter Pan is depicted as a newborn baby, not a boy as is commonly assumed.

It is a delight to simply look at these books for the drawings alone. Because they are, for the most part, well-known stories, they may also be used to learn English without exerting too much effort.

All of these novels are widely available in both paperback and hardcover editions, and they are all available at a very reasonable price. You may also find them for free online in locations like the Internet Archive, where they are no longer protected by intellectual property rights.

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