Do you know there is a poison garden in England?

This is not a joke, the Poison Garden really exists in Alnwick in Northumberland.  The Poison Garden is kept behind black iron gates, open only on guided tours. Visitors are strictly prohibited from smelling, touching or tasting any plant.

The gates have the image of a skull and the warning that these plants can kill. Inspired by the poisonous gardens found in Padua in 1500, the Duchess of Northumberland created this strange garden in 2005. When her husband unexpectedly became duke after the death of his older brother, the Duchess decided to transform a neglected part of the garden of Alnwick Castle in a poison garden.

In the garden you can find everything from Indian hemp to poppies, from poisonous mushrooms to plants that kill just by touching them. This plants are practically in a cage, although there is a ban on touching the plants, there is no risk in this strange garden. Some visitors may want to try touching the plants.

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