Egremont in Cumbria, the land of grimaces

At the base of Dent Fell and the Uldale Valley, in the county of Cumberland, you’ll find the market town of Egremont. It’s about five miles south of Whitehaven, and it sits on the River Ehen. a long history of industrial activity, including such activities as mining iron ore and producing textiles.

Even though it was a Danish stronghold before to the Norman Conquest, the country’s name may sound French because the Normans were the ones who invaded it. This is not a coincidence.

With its broad Main Street that leads directly into the market square, the layout of the city has remained more or less unchanged from the time of Richard de Lucy, which was sometime about the year 1200. The remnants of the Norman castle, which were constructed in the 12th century, may be found at the southernmost end of Main Street, close to the town square.

This charming town is dominated by Egremont Castle, which sits high above the city and features walls that are 7 meters high and a tower that is 27 meters high. The gorgeous River Eden can be found to the south of the town, while the market square can be found to the north.

On the site of an older Danish fortification, William de Meschines constructed the castle in the 12th century. The structure was originally built by the Danes. The Norman arch that originally served as a watchtower above the passageway leading to the drawbridge is the part that has survived the most intact.

The town of Egremont is home to a number of noteworthy points of reference and monuments. A sundial with an unusual four faces that dates back to the early 13th century may be found nearby, as can the base of an old market cross that also dates back to the early 13th century. Its prosperity was founded on the high quality red iron ore that was mined locally and may be purchased at a mine that is located nearby. The month of September is reserved for the annual Crab Fair that the city hosts.

The fair dates back to 1267 when Henry III granted a Royal Charter for a three-day fair. By crab we do not mean the crab, but the Crab apple which is now no longer in fashion as it is too sour for modern tastes. During this fair the world championship of faces is also held, the winner is whoever manages to make the most grotesque expression.



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