Extraordinary things about London that you may not know

Central London traffic moves at the same speed as when there were carriages and horses.

40% of London is green, which is why London is trying to become a national park

Half a million mice live on the London Underground

Big Ben should actually be called “The Clock Tower” or “Elizabeth Tower”, while “Big Ben” is the name of the bell

When we think of London we think of rain, but in reality the annual rainfall in London is lower than in Rome and Naples

The first traffic light in the world was put in London in 1868 but unfortunately it exploded after a month

Until 1994 there were no “Roads” in the City of London. Now there is only one, Goswell Road, which became part of the City in 1994 after the borders were changed. There are many lanes, streets and ways instead.

Aldgate Station was built over a plague-time mass grave and has thousands of bodies buried underneath.

Each week the London Underground escalators travel twice the circumference of the Earth

Most of the London Underground is above ground although it is commonly referred to as the Underground

Among the many things that Londoners have forgotten on the subway are a samurai sword,  a human skull, several false legs and a coffin.

You can put the Statue of Liberty or the Pyramid of Giza inside the O2 Arena

London has more Indian restaurants than any city in India

It is illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament wearing an armour

The red telephone box at the entrance to the Royal Academy is the original prototype, designed by architect Giles Gilbert Scott in 1924

The first design for St Paul’s dome was practically in the shape of a pineapple

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