Dunster Castle in Somerset; what you can find

The castle on a hill called Tor has existed since before the Norman invasion, even though it was made of wood until the end of 1100.

In the late 1300s the castle was purchased by the Luttrell family who lived there until 1976 when the castle and land were donated to the National Trust.

On several occasions, especially in the Tudor period, the Luttrell family renovated the property practically transforming it into a villa.

In 1800 it was renovated again to adapt to modern tastes, it was the times of the Neo-Gothic revival and then the castle was transformed into a building in that style that is as you see it now. The architect who worked there was Anthony Salvin, also famous for the works of Alnwick Castle which is Hogwarth in the Harry Potter films, therefore2nm  you can imagine the style.

Almost nothing remains of the medieval castle now except the large tower and the ruins of some towers. The castle can be visited in spring and summer and is managed by the National Trust, if you are registered with this organisation you will not pay the entrance fee.

Among the many things to see at Dunster Castle are the interiors which are undoubtedly interesting, a portrait of John Luttrell’s Tudor times showing him along with the three graces and several Greek goddesses.

Dunster Castle is also home to several species of bats that you can find in the park, and don’t miss the gardens which are an oasis of the Mediterranean in the middle of Somerset.

The views of the Bristol Channel that you can get from the park are also not to be missed. You can also visit a perfectly functioning old water mill.

Like all self-respecting castles Dunster Castle has a ghost, rumored to be in King Charles’ bedroom. Dunster Castle also hosts numerous events throughout the year, from falconry to Easter egg hunts.

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