The rather smelly village in Yorkshire


It is called Brinsworth, a village of less than 9000 inhabitants near Sheffield in Yorkshire. For years the locals have complained of a great stench, so intense that they can’t even open the windows and the children refuse to go outside to play.

Even the cars passing by the village have to close all the windows. Those familiar with the area close their windows well before arriving in Brinsworth.

The problem has existed for years but it is intermittent, at certain times it is better than others. If someone accidentally keeps the window open, the house then stinks for days and there is no way to make the smell disappear.

It is not clear where it comes from in all these years no one has ever been able to give an answer. For the inhabitants, the stench is stressful, it seems like a minor problem but in reality it limits a lot what they can do outdoors. You don’t want to go out and play soccer or have a picnic with this stink.

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