Picasso painting sold for over 100 million dollars

Woman sitting by a window (Marie-Thérèse)

The painting ‘ Woman Seated by a Window (Marie-Thérèse) ‘by Pablo Picasso was sold yesterday for 103, $ 4 million during an auction organized by Christie’s, in New York City. The canvas of 1, 46 x 1, 14 meters, painted in 1932, was sold to 90 million dollars and came to 103, 4 million after a battle of over 19 minutes between collectors. The work, which represents Picasso’s lover and muse, Marie-Thérèse Walter, nearly doubled the amount of the initial estimate provided by Christie’s, i.e. 55 Million dollars.



The woman in the painting is a representation of the artist’s mistress, Marie-Thérèse Walter. Picasso painted her sitting in front of a window wearing a red dress with her long dark hair down and reaching down to her waist.

Marie-Thérèse Walter was an artist herself, but she always had to work as an assistant to make ends meet. She was also the person who introduced Picasso to French art critic Louis Vauxcelles, which led to his becoming known internationally and eventually turning from painting into sculpture.

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