The best place where to live in England and Wales

The estate agency Garrington Property Finders has done a study and ranking to find the best places to live in 2021 in England and Wales. The important factors for deciding where to live have changed a bit in the past year. First of all you need a great internet connection and also space at home, preferably a large garden. While apartments are much less in demand, houses with gardens are selling well. 

After these factors, proximity to beautiful places, national parks or the sea, the aesthetics of the place and the general quality of life also become important. The results are interesting and see Bath in first place especially for the beauty of the city.

In second place Tenby in Pembrokeshire for natural beauty. In third we see Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire followed in fourth by Ilfracombe in Devon. Canterbury and Rye in East Sussex are in fifth and sixth place respectively. In seventh place we have St Ives in Cornwall and in eighth and ninth place Settle and Wilton both in North Yorkshire. At the tenth we find Aldeburgh in Suffolk. To see the complete ranking and scores you can go here.

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