What are the most annoying dialect accents in the UK?

Another survey. This is about figuring out which accent is the most annoying in the UK. To find the winner 2000 people listened to recordings of people speaking in different accents until they couldn’t stand it anymore.

According to the survey, the least annoying of all is Geordie, the participants in the survey were able to listen to it for over 4 minutes. In second place we have normal English without accents, again the average is over 4 minutes. The accent of Glasgow follows, in fourth place the accent from  Yorkshire and in fifth that of Liverpool.

For the first five annoying accents we have Birmingham in fifth place, that of South Wales in fourth place, the Essex accent in third place, Queen’s English in second place. While the most annoying accents in the whole of the UK would be: The London accent! On average the participants could only listen to this accent for only 58 seconds.

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