The tribute to Italo Calvino on the roofs of New York

There is a large bird on the roofs of New York.  The bird refers, to the stories written by Italo Calvino between 1963 and 1964 and collected in The Cosmicomics . And in fact it is the Italian writer who was remembered  by the American artist Alex Da Corte in this  beautiful installation. Alex da Corte (born in 1980) is well known for his use of everyday objects and surreal imaginery to explore literary and cultural concepts. 

The bird is happily perched on a moon on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art while looking at Central Park and the Manhattan skyline.  It’s covered by 7000 carved aluminium feathers and is kinetic, able to follow the direction of the wind. 

Although by looking at the bird one thinks of the bird of the Muppets it is inspired mainly by Calvino who  evoked the distance between the Moon and the Earth . I know we can’t travel right now but this birds might inspire us to even from a distance.





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