There will be a special forest in Manhattan

Nobody expects to find themselves in the middle of a forest in the heart of Manhattan. But overnight 49 massive trees appeared  in Madison Square Park, amidst the incredulous gazes of New Yorkers. The person responsible is  Maya Lin Ting, an American architect and landscape designer who already in 1982, at the age of 21, created the Vietnam War Memorial  in Washington.

Today she has an mportant message for the whole of humanity, that of the devastating effects of climate change. The forest, which was supposed to be inaugurated last summer, will officially open on May 10 and will be open until November. The name is Ghost Forest, recreates the devastating natural phenomenon that leads to the death of entire tracts of forest due to extreme climatic events, sea level rise and the infiltration of salty water into the ground.

Maya Lin has created a truly intense and meaningful installation that will make us think. She actually looked for trees killed by the effects of climate change. 

For  Manhattan she found 49 Atlantic cedars that come from the Pine Barrens forest of New Jersey. The installation is not limited only to dead trees: crossing the garden, in fact, it is possible to hear the sound and song of birds and animals that are extinct or endangered in the country. 



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